Spiral Activated

Blueprint chart, that maps your life journey, showing you how creation creates through your personal life.

This system is mathematically synchronized and intuitively tune to your true origin Connecting the dots of your personal journey with the collective evolving consciousness.

“Cracking the Code of Humanity” as Amanda Lorence shared with me after experiencing her personal DaVinci Spiral Activation.

A system that reveals the code of reality, translated through your personal experience.

It is universal and multidimensional, yet at the same time very personal.

VIP Activation — Very Intimate & Personal

DaVinci Spiral Activation is a visual blueprint/map of your life. A model of how creation moves and creates, how you move, create, and experience life in relation to the whole. By recognizing and aligning with your journey, you can see clearly repetitive underlying patterns, and deconstruct them.

The Spiral chart reveals the integrity of your soul and activates you energetically, integrating and transcending the meaning of your life. This energetic activation can unlock and decode the untapped potentials of one’s life mission, purpose, and direction.

It uncovers the invisible forces that intrinsically move you to grow, expand, and ascend. When activated fully, it takes you to the collective spiral of unity and wholeness.

“So what?” You May Ask

Well, what if this concept could provide you with a clear picture of: Where are you in your life? What is going on? Why things are happening to you?

What can you do?

All this and many more questions will be answered, leaving you with a deep sense of clarity and direction, which will help you obtain:

SUCCESS & ABUNDANCE — I experience
FREEDOM & CONNECTION — I know that I am

So, what will I do for you?

I will manually generate & activate your personal Spiral Chart, so you can see what are your energetic backgrounds, channels/waives of activation, and supportive elements.

This chart will point out moments/years of transition, times of new beginnings, challenges, & changes, as well as the underlying emotions connected to them.

Your personal chart will guide and show you how to shift challenging situations and integrate your experiences, shift your perception in unexpected ways, & show you your energetic birth and the integrity of your soul essence.

Once we understand our past and the personal path we are now traveling, we can also move forward in our lives with more clarity, confidence, and a deeper sense of fulfillment.

What did other people experience with DaVinci Spiral Activation?

“I really enjoyed my Spiral reading with Tzveta DaVinci with her gifted intuition, energy work, and guided visualization technique. It’s one of a kind, highly, and strongly recommended fun, and different way to integrate your life back into the spiral with Tzveta’s channeled creation. Highly recommended.”

~ Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool ~

Conceived & Designed by Tzveta DaVinci

I have been doing this activation manually since 2012 working with many people around the world and now I am looking for a technical co-founder to bring this fascinating system to the digital world

Tzveta DaVinci




Curious Adventurous and Bold with broad interest and worldly experience Artist Creator Inventor

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Tzveta DaVinci

Tzveta DaVinci

Curious Adventurous and Bold with broad interest and worldly experience Artist Creator Inventor

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